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Personal Accident


1500 /yr.

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  • Medical Expenses : Covered up-to N50,000.00
  • Death : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • Both Feet : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • Both Hands : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • Both Eyes : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • One Hand & One Feet : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • One Hand & One Eye : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • One Foot & One Eye : Covered up-to N250,000.00
  • Loss of One foot : Covered up-to N100,000.00
  • Loss of One Hand : Covered up-to N100,000.00
  • Loss of One Eye : Covered up-to N100,000.00
  • Burial Expense : Covered up-to N10,000.00

AIICO Shield Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide an accident only insurance whereby the Insured, in any mishap, has access to some level of compensations for death, disability and medical treatment for injuries following accident.

The benefits includes compensation for:

  • Death Benefit: This is a lump sum benefit of N250,000.00, payable to the family of the deceased in consideration of the loss of their loved one due to accident.
  • Medical expenses: This is payable for medical treatment received from a registered hospital. The expenses must have been incurred within 30 days following the date of the accident and to the exceed the aggregate of N50,000
  • Disability: This is in respect of an accident resulting to disability of the insured. Benefits payable in any circumstance will be subject to the scale below.

Scale of Compensation for Disability:

  • Loss of either one eye: N100,000.00
  • Loss of both eyes: N250,000.00
  • Loss of one hand: N100,000.00
  • Loss of both hands: N250,000.00
  • Loss of one leg: N100,000.00
  • Loss of both legs: N250,000.00
  • Loss of one hand & one leg: N250,000.00
  • Loss of one hand & one eye: N250,000.00
  • Loss of one leg & one eye: N250,000.00

The policy is structured on flat premium basis of N1,500.00 for single unit.
(Multiple premiums secure equivalent multiple benefits).


Being an accident only policy, AIICO Shield Personal Accident does not cover:

  • Suicide
  • An insured who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or insanity
  • An insured who suffers from any physical defect prior to the accident
  • Childbirth or pregnancy
  • Loss caused by act of declared or undeclared war, riot, civil commotion, hostilities, mutiny etc.
  • Injuries received during any Armed forces maneuvers or training exercises.
  • Sickness from natural causes.
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